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Cyberscape Neo – Episode 5: The Silver Suns

Cyberscape Neo – Episode 5: The Silver Suns
Cyberscape Neo

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The Silver Suns, one of Cyberscape Neo’s most organized guilds, are marching straight to the treeline to solve the riddle of the “invisible wall” at the treeline.

How will the two defending Synthetic Users handle this desperate defense?

What even are their names?! Well, would you like to help us out with that?! Great!

We’ll be holding Part 1 of the poll from the public release of Episode 5 all the way until the release of Episode 6; one public poll for each of these two Synthetic Users!

After a long list of names is generated, we will filter out the ones inappropriate to the themes and tone of the story, but still keep the more popular ones near the top. This shorter list of names will be voted on by the cast, crew, and the patrons!

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