About Titanium Templar

Titanium Templar is a production company founded in June 2018 by Benjamin Kleman (Deverin) as a platform to promote his creative writing as well as the talent that makes the productions possible in the first place. 

The name was born from the interest of bringing elements of history, such as the fantastical ideas of historic knights, magic, and folklore – mashing them together with modern realism and technology.

Ongoing Projects: Cyberscape Neo (previously Cyberscape Neo: Exodus).

Cyberscape Neo

Cyberscape Neo logo

Cyberscape Neo is an idea born from a culmination of personal philosophies, love for clashing old versus new, and the obvious love of video games. The themes of eternal life, an afterlife, and transhumanity have always been in the front of my mind, just as immortality is commonly in many others’. I wanted to blend the ideas of free will and death to give someone the opportunity to choose their own afterlife – the Cyberscape, so as to ask the question, “Is this really paradise?” The answer is subjective, but somewhat forced by the specific narrative of the series. 


Roland is a Synthetic User; a man whose mind was migrated into the Cyberscape upon learning of their terminal illness and accepting the offer to do so by the CEO of Encephalon, the game company behind Cyberscape Neo. After spending three years catching up on the back catalog of massively multiplayer online games Encephalon acquired via buying out Advanced Studios, Roland finds himself playing Cyberscape Neo. Laying down in the grass in a low level zone looking across a lake towards Ageddon, Roland recounts the last few years of his life in the Cyberscape before he approached by Myra, the server admin – bearing “exciting” news of the server’s nearing update.

The Team Behind the Series –

Writer and Executive Producer: 
Benjamin Kleman (Deverin)

Audio Director:  Jef Leeson
Audio Engineers: GermophobeSensy

Contributing Artists: Azungkalye, Ozumii Wizard, Vivi, and Samantha
Reference Artist: Cor Magna

– Characters –

– Played by –

Ariel Hack
Bradley Gareth
Abigail Wahl
Abigail Turner
Sarah Ruth Thomas
Estey Boling
Elsie Lovelock
Alexander Doddy
Jordan Rudolph
James Molloy
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